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PGx is the study of the study of the role of the genome in drug response which combines pharmacology & genomics.  It analyzes how the genetic makeup of an individual affects their response to drugs. PGx aims to optimize drug therapy, with respect to the patients' genotype, to ensure maximum efficiency with minimal adverse effects, using a one-time 30sec. simple & painless buccal swap test, whos' results last a lifetime, for optimal course of therapy of hundreds of drugs for all conditions, diseases, and aliments. 

PGx testing prvides clinicians PERSONALIZED MEDICINE rather than using the population-based or one size fits all approach, as it provides predictive information about a patient's ability to metabolize certain medication. It provides a unique & personalized treatment strategy, shorten the time needed to find an effective/correct medication, and even reduce the risk of a serious adverse drug reaction, possibly leading to a fatality.

The simple, quick, and painless test that can be performed anywhere consists of a 30 sec. buccal (Q-tip) swab specimen collection of saliva of each cheek from inside one's mouth. The "one and done" test results are usually completed within 7-10 days, then your physician/healthcare provider will contact you to discuss, explain, and interpret your results,  Your results are easily stored & available on your personal computer, phone, iPad, or tablet for future reference, and is highly recommended you share this with all your healthcare providers to achieve the highest benefits & outcomes of this test.

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